Can you hear me? [Sans x Reader] *ON HOLD*

Can you hear me? [Sans x Reader] *ON HOLD*

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MelodyofChaos By MelodyofChaos Updated Dec 21, 2017

*ON HOLD* until further notice. Sorry people :( 

Monsters were back on the surface! But not everyone was happy with the change... though you aren't one of those people! Happy as a (relatively) popular singer, you were oblivious to the growing discontent. That is, until you met Mettaton's friends! The eventful evening changes your life in more way then one, but where you'll end up you don't know just yet.

P.S. I do not own Undertale!

If I had to give this story an age rating I'd say maybe 14+ or PG 13
I do use swearwords, there is violence, and there may be topics some people aren't as comfortable with. Of course nothing is stopping you from reading, just do so at your own discretion and know I've given you fair warning.

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Looney_Bin Looney_Bin Aug 19, 2017
*reads Title*
                              Can you hear me, I'm talking to you. Across the water across the deep Blue.
It is my challenge for today to enjoy this book! You're welcome Author-Chan! I'm using Chara, yellow eyes that change depending on emotion, and brown hair.
Omgitscute Omgitscute Jul 31, 2017
*reads the tiltle* no sans i can't hear you XD i have no life
masochisticfries masochisticfries Nov 20, 2017
My sixth time reading this!! Help, I'm addicted at this book.
EmeraldSama EmeraldSama Jul 16, 2017
3rd time re reading this story so gooooodddddd!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Naramono Naramono Jun 28, 2017
“Try new things...” I said that when I looked at this book.