Hayes Grier's Twin Sister

Hayes Grier's Twin Sister

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Chapter 1

Hello my name is Christina Thompson I'm 15 years old. 
I have 
Long brown wavy hair
blue eyes
 I'm not really that tall about 5'4

I love magcon Hayes Grier is my favorite! Later today i'm going to go meet him, I live in California and I'll go see him in L.A. 

Christina's POV.

"Mom we need to leave or we'll be late" said Christina
We left a few minutes later and while I was in the car Stitches came on by Shawn Mendes. " "Trippin over myself, I'm ackin, begging you to come help and not without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches" I sang along until the song was over. We listened to a few more songs and then we were at the venue. I waited in the line outside until they let us in. While I was in line I saw my friend Riley. "Hey Riles! Over here." I yelled to get her attention. "Hey Christina!" Riley said "Come in line with me we can go in together." I said "Okay yeah sounds good." she smiled

We waited for 10 more minutes and then we were going inside. We were towards the front of the line and Riley and I were getting pushed and she got in and I feel on the floor. I was there until everybody else was in the venue. I was picked up by THE Hayes Grier he said "Are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine thanks." I said He grabbed my hand and brought me to the lines to meet everybody. 

Hayes' POV.

All the girls were running in to meet us, Alex from Target, Alec Bailey, Daniel Skye, Matt Espinosa, and I. They are some eager girls I swear, when they were done running in there was a girl on the ground and I ran and helped her up. She said thanks and I brought her back to the lines. She looked just like my twin sister, I've gotta call Nash. I called Nash and said I think I found Cristy......

Sorry guys that it was a short kinda sucky chapter but they'll get better I promise so thanks for reading lovies.

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