Project: Yggdrasil - Phase I Of The Genomics Trilogy

Project: Yggdrasil - Phase I Of The Genomics Trilogy

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IceRequiem By IceRequiem Updated 5 days ago

Morrighan didn't survive a colossal assault on her home just to roll over and play dead. 

As a genetically engineered soldier, she has a few tricks up her sleeve--and intends to pull out all the stops to investigate the brutal murders of her friends and family. Little does she know, the shady organization responsible for the massacre have considerably more planned than simply razing Helix Labs to the ground. 

As she digs deeper into the who and why behind those responsible, Morrighan realizes that the attack on her home is a linchpin in a larger conspiracy. The discovery leaves her with a choice--save herself or the rest of humanity.

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FireAxel29 FireAxel29 Nov 02, 2016
                              This is amazingly written.
                              No grammatical errors, interesting and captivating writing style, extensive description abilities, and futuristic setting.
                              This is just the type of reads I enjoy, mysterious.
                              Hope the rest of the book keeps up to the prologue.
                              "Be happy, you're free."
MistressOP MistressOP Nov 04, 2016
is that metallokinesis? 
                              It's a good start mainly because it dumps you into the world and tells you a little story at the same time.
                              You writing reads very smooth without issues and the dialogue reads very real. Good job
MartyCameron MartyCameron Dec 29, 2016
This was so epic for a start.  Immediately I imagined the entire room with just a few pieces of descriptions.  This took me back to Ghost in the Shell, which is my fave anime and apart of my fave genre, cyber punk.  Good job bro
AaronRyuchi AaronRyuchi Nov 14, 2016
Metallokinetic, eh? So Dreamweavers manipulate dreams, I guess. There's a term for it...
SpiderPrincess SpiderPrincess Oct 07, 2016
Interesting chapter; it really draws the audience in. I imagine this scene to be like dimly lit so you dont see most of their face and only their mouths moving as they speak and a dim silhouette. Perfect and mysterious.
                              I love it! XD
_brebear_ _brebear_ Dec 14, 2016
This paragraph sets a niiccee tone. Be better if we all had wine tho.  So vivid.😍