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Project: Yggdrasil - Phase I of the Genomics Trilogy [COMPLETED]

Project: Yggdrasil - Phase I of the Genomics Trilogy [COMPLETED]

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IceRequiem By IceRequiem Completed

Hell hath no fury like a genetically engineered soldier sucker punched. So when Morrighan survives a colossal assault on her home, she doesn't plan to roll over and play dead.

Post-attack, Morrighan is fueled by the burning desire to find survivors by day, and haunted by the letters "M.I.C.A." stamped across the assailants' armor by night. With her metallokinesis, Morrighan can redirect bullets mid-flight and rip steel from walls to use as improv torpedoes--invaluable skills to have when hunting down those who massacred her friends and family. 
When Morrighan tracks the devious M.I.C.A. armed with little more than a defunct plasma gun and a sharp tongue, she realizes that the attack on her home was a linchpin in a nefarious conspiracy. Even the parents she thought she knew have serious skeletons in their closets, and those secrets are turning out to have dangerous repercussions. Just when Morrighan thinks she has a handle on all the family enigmas, she finds that her social standing has changed from citizen to criminal.  

For Morrighan to preserve what's left of her family and the world she knows, she'll need to sort fact from fiction, figure out who to trust, and bring her A-game before the clock ticks to zero.
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Whoa, THREE exclamation points?! That seems a little excessive. I'd stick with, maybe two, tops.
kronnus13 kronnus13 Jul 13
I listened to your 'Creed of the Brotherhood' track whist reading. A perfect fit. Excellent name for the villain too. I am enjoying the story so far.
JWCMaher JWCMaher Jul 12
It would be satisfying in the moment, but the memory of it would be completely empty.
JonGatz JonGatz Apr 11
I could have known  you are a Dresden files fan just by your writing. I am a huge fan as well, have read all of Jim Butchers books as well as the Iron Druid!
JWCMaher JWCMaher Jul 12
You are a fantastic writer. Great relationship between Morrighan and Thanatos, you can just feel the rippling backstory between them. I can't wait to dig into this story more and learn more about Dreamwalking and what exactly that looks like. 
                              Very good start, and I can't wait to read more.
JWCMaher JWCMaher Jul 12
Nice, bizarrely wonderful taunt about earlobes. That truly does sound horrible.