My Boss Son  (narusasu)

My Boss Son (narusasu)

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Jackline Jackson By 1234bluelo Updated Oct 17, 2017

Read it and your see

  • family
  • friend
  • narusasu
  • sexually
memarrero memarrero Apr 21, 2017
At least half the world could relate some how to this one sentence
SugaFtJimin SugaFtJimin Aug 19, 2017
probably he's just making out with a random stranger, like always
taarke taarke Nov 12, 2017
Please, when you write a story use the right ship name, if sasuke is top then use SasuNaru not narusasu, it's inconvenient for people like me who like Narusasu but not sasunaru
Kay_StarBloom Kay_StarBloom Jun 15, 2017
*throws alarm clock out window the shoots it with a shotgun*
Xaltinic13 Xaltinic13 Jul 10, 2017
okay...I'm done for today if any of you need me I'll be in the tent looking at weird porn on rei's smartphone. (50% off quote)
Levi_Ackerman_Senpai Levi_Ackerman_Senpai Dec 28, 2017
N O ,  B U T  I  H E A R  Y O U  D O W N  H E R E ,  S A S G A Y