My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥

My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥

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High school life can make you or break you. What did it do to Rachel Stewart?


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FernTheFlower FernTheFlower Dec 04, 2017
Um can you change Logan something to someone else nvm I'll change him in my mind ;)))))))
mary12033653 mary12033653 Mar 14, 2017
Yes it is and I'm still in FUDGING 8th grade and next year I'm going to high school but I'm homeschooled this year and my mom is planing on KEEPING ME HOMESCHOOLED UNTIL I FUDGING GRADUATE SO I BASICALLY NEVER GOING TO HAVE A LIFE UGHH FUDGING NUGGETS
Pooppideiewdiwednurb Pooppideiewdiwednurb Aug 24, 2013
Hey really wanna read MOREEE thanks for the dedication tooo!! And thanks for the follow! This story is really good btw x
Izzy_Iffi Izzy_Iffi May 30, 2013
TWILIGHT hmm i want u to continue ur story further and I'll pray you take care and get well soon and yeah I'll be waiting for ur next chapter :)
Izzy_Iffi Izzy_Iffi May 27, 2013
hmm wanna read more and when are u gonna post next chapter so i could read cuz these days i'mm free and ha plz let me knw if u post ur next chapter
nivi20997 nivi20997 May 27, 2013
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