Abandon boyxboy

Abandon boyxboy

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good harry potter fanfiction.

Abandoned on the streets of London, 16 year old Harry Potter must find a way to survive. What's the Boy Who Lived to do? -Harry/Voldemort, OOC, AU, postOotP, nonHBP compliant- BEING REDONE!



Ah... Julius Caesar... He was the cause of his own death. He should have know better.
I swear if I was Gin I'd be having fückin fangirl attacks every time I saw them together
I'm wondering, are they speaking in parseltongue or in their minds? I am guessing parseltongue, since voldy was speaking to nagini in this way
He is a Slytherin Tom.😰 Well more like a Snake in a Lion's skin.
I'm supposed to be sleeping and I almost broke down laughing!! 😂😂