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Not who you think I am- Damon Salvatore love story. ( Completed )

Not who you think I am- Damon Salvatore love story. ( Completed )

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tvd_obsessed By tvd_obsessed Completed

Krystal Pierce is nothing like her mother Kathrine. She's nice, caring, and smart but don't get on her bad side. When Krystal move's back to Mystic Fall's all the memories of that night in 1864 came back to mind. That's the night her life would never be the same again. When Krystal meet's Damon Salvatore, her mother's old toy she realizes how much her mother had hurt him and she fall's for him, and he fall's for her. But will Krystal believe his love is real, or is she just some replacment. And with her Mother......well everyone wanting Elena dead. Will everything be well in Mystic Fall's? I think not.

QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Jul 16, 2016
I think it should be whatever you want to write and that you shouldn't listen to stupid people and their opinions ^_^ Ugh, I hate when people critique other people's writing. I think this is a great story!!! ^_^
- - May 08, 2016
I think it should be "there were dead vampires..." sorry, I'm going to make a lot of comments with suggestions. I like to voice my thoughts as I read :3 :)
abelairexo abelairexo Aug 24, 2015
I love Katherine, But she's being a bitch for not allowing her OWN DAUGHTER live with her.
justanothersamantha justanothersamantha Feb 22, 2012
you spelled allot wrong... i mean the word its alot not allot, if im right im pretty sure i am. (thats the only spelling error i see)
xXLivingForMusicXx xXLivingForMusicXx Jan 07, 2012    This is your trailer for this book on youtube :D
X_SmileyJJ_X X_SmileyJJ_X Sep 29, 2011
                              this is my second or third comment in your stories! :)It good!