Naruto's Twin Sister || Sasuke Love Story ||

Naruto's Twin Sister || Sasuke Love Story ||

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This story takes place in Naruto Shippuden.

Nozomi Uzumaki everyone in the village adorned her. She was very nice person who sometimes acted like a Little girl. Even though everyone loved her no one got her but her brother and Sasuke Uchiha. Nomozi was always around Sasuke because she was also the only person who understood him. Sasuke would never talk to anyone about his personal business besides her. Although he acted cold towards her at times like he was to everyone else he actually cared about her.

When Sasuke left the village with orochimaru it broke Nozomi. She tried talking him out of it but he told her it would be best if she forgot about him it crushed her because she found out she was in love with him. One day her team was sent on a mission during it they come face to face with him and after that moment their lives became connected once again but in a complicated way. 

Warning: I Don't Own Naruto!!!

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Leviisbadass12e3 Leviisbadass12e3 Jun 17, 2017
Norway : Iceland why can't you call me Big Brother like her.
                              Iceland : SHUT UP!!
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Aug 27, 2017
*starts laughing like crazy* hahhah n-nice joke hahhah being f-friends with s-sakura ahhah
Clawdeenrose Clawdeenrose Mar 20, 2017
Now that I think about it.... Nozomi... Just like Cure Dream from Yes! Pretty cure 5 (GoGo).... Ayumi, like Cure Echo from Pretty cure all stars... Megumi, like Cure Lovely from Happiness charge pretty cure... And Hamasaki, almost Hanasaki, like Hanasaki Tsubomi from Heartcatch Pretty cure.... 🤔