Somebody's Kiss (TeacherxStudent) (GirlxGirl) (LGBT) (Lesbian)

Somebody's Kiss (TeacherxStudent) (GirlxGirl) (LGBT) (Lesbian)

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Alexa Nicole By A-M_Nicole Updated Nov 06

Meet Alexandra Fairbairns. A person of wilderness. She happened to fall in love with Claire but only end up hurting her. Until she'd met somebody who makes her life light up again. But the problem is the woman she fall in love and she happened to kiss at the bar, were one of her teachers.

Could Alex take the risk just to be with the person she'd loved..?
Is she ready for another relationship knowing it might hurt her again.?

Find out what Alex would do to be with the person she LOVE..

Yes I can. No you dont.
                              But I'll probably like you later on.
I'm the same. Although, with me there's a fine line between friends and aquaintances.
See, I was right. Although I'm more angry than anything today, I would've flipped Claire and been on top of her ready to punch her. But that's because I'm me. And angry. I feel bad for all the people that I've flipped...
Ypu trail off in your sentences that end with a period, why?
                              This happens a lot, sorry. And because I've commented over three times, I have to now. I don't do this very often either.
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