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The Bartender > Septiplier AU || #E-AWARDS2017 || Completed

The Bartender > Septiplier AU || #E-AWARDS2017 || Completed

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EmoTrashAF By your_obsessive_fngrl Completed



Thud Thud Thud.

I freeze. I didn't move. I'm pretty sure it was just the manager upstairs, but then again, I thought it came from the door.

Thud Thud Thud.

It was louder, more urgent this time. I grab a broom, as I was terrified, and head towards the door, bracing my weapon. I slowly turn the handle, too see a figure, trying to keep warm in the freezing cold weather. I hesitate before letting him in. I'm a nice guy after all, I can't just leave the poor fella.

Jack is just a normal 25 year old guy, struggling to pay rent on his flat in L.A. He works in a late night pub, dealing with many drunks.
All the guys are regulars.
Except one day, a new guy walks in, and Jack finds himself talking to him.....

AbbyMcGuire760 AbbyMcGuire760 Dec 06, 2016
It means ,red........ 
                              Sexy time!!!!
Jack is me when a person has a crush on me. 
                              Mark is me when I try to flirt. 
                              This fanfiction is my life.
Blinkingapple56 Blinkingapple56 Nov 27, 2016
Funny enough, Mark admitted that he used to be a bartender! In his lifestream for Crisis Text-Line.
xX_Sunset_Xx xX_Sunset_Xx Sep 03, 2016
Yeah and then 2 hours later this happens:
                              -jacks gets hanged into pjs- hey what that sound at my window-opens curtains- MARK WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE AND WHY ARE YOU LOOKING IN M WINDOW......
                              I'm a stalker and I wove you mark replied
xX_Sunset_Xx xX_Sunset_Xx Sep 03, 2016
Everything sounds louder at night.....I should have been more careful getting my midnight snack 🤔😅
Welcome to fanfictions where people have smex/fall in love with the person they just met.