Mami More 1 & 2 (Lesbians)

Mami More 1 & 2 (Lesbians)

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"baby moan for me" she mumbled against my ears, her breath was hot as she circled two fingers inside me. My pussy was throbbing, it wanted her so bad. Her pace went faster and her fingers hit a spot I didn't even know existed.

"Mami More!!!" I moaned loudly

Leila was a person who was straight and had a bitchy attitude, if you didn't like her she didn't care nor did she even liked you back. She had perfect grades and her fashion for dressing was over the top, her mom is a fashion designer while her father owns millions of companies. So you could say she was rich. 

What happens when the new girl in town shows up at her school??  The whole school gets hot just by looking at her even if she's lesbian or not. 

Will Leila ever stay straight??

18+  a lot of sexual things have been warned!!!!

No one is aloud to copy my books, I don't tolerate that shit and if I find you I will deff. Report yo ass.  thank you.

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bleeblox bleeblox Sep 22, 2017
All these comments well damn these people reading her (or his) book yall didnt have to click on it
I just thought of Lucifer the cat *shrugs* I'm still going to read it's not bad i actually like it that's a really unique name and you don't have to worry about them if they have a problem they could just stop reading *waves* buh-bye
Babygirl_Jenay Babygirl_Jenay Aug 26, 2016
Who ever yall are yall over dramntic af and the book is fine
mallory221B mallory221B Aug 15, 2016
Just a heads up you might get bombarded majorly by any chiristians who have strong minded beliefs and many many people may be offended or dislike the name :)
-tzipporah -tzipporah Jul 17, 2016
How can your dad be the CEO of all companies? That makes no sense whatsoever.
pxpi_rose pxpi_rose Sep 16, 2016
I have been called Lucifer before its one of my favorite nicknames