Catnip Get's Me High (BxB)

Catnip Get's Me High (BxB)

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My family has just moved to this woodsy place for a new start .. 
While stumbling thru the halls of my new school lost because my brothers left me I bump in to a pack of werewolves I've never met ... 
Well it doesn't end well because of how I smell and I end up limping to the woods 
" why was I born like you mom ?" 

Ok ok your probably wondering what I smell like ... Well I smell like cat ok CAT 
My names Nicholas but I go by Nicky 
I'm 5'3" and my family hates me okay 

A/n if your against gays don't read if you don't like cussing don't read 
I will try sexual content 
Mpreg .. BxB .... Werewolves 
All that jazz 
There maybe the use of the nasty F word that is really mean  sorry it's just for the story !

  • bxb
  • gay
  • mpreg
  • neko
  • werewolf's weird cuz that's my surname also I'm a girl and Malik means king😅
Yeah,its completely normal to pack a box of crack when you're moving 😂😂😂
ChimeraRyuu ChimeraRyuu Sep 22, 2017
Yeah, your family hates you a lot, it's obvious that they don't even buy you good clothes that you like... 
bry967 bry967 3 days ago
The person above looks my best friend from high school. Like scary similar.
Lol everyone is like “omg i want that shirt” and im like “ do u have a fukin elevator in ur house??”.
IKEAQueen IKEAQueen Oct 24, 2017
Just wondering dose several periods at the end of each sentence count as a writing style?
                              I'm trying to be funny not mean