Lost [New Moon Fan-fiction] [2]

Lost [New Moon Fan-fiction] [2]

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Jade Peters has finally come to terms with what exactly she wants but when the Cullen's leave town to escape hurting Bella anymore than they already have, Jade finds herself guessing again what she truly desires, and becomes more lost when her mother departs leaving the girl alone with an eviction notice hanging from the door frame.

(From the story)
"Yeah, I guess everyone who was once important wants to leave as well." I responded coldly, and he cringed at the venom in my words. I wanted him to feel my pain, no I more craved him to. It was selfish of me that was the truth, but in honesty, I felt as if I was the only one to feel the loss here, and Bella perhaps felt a love she lost but, she hadn't been close to them all, and if she had in fact broaden her sources of companions she wouldn't be as hurt. I had no actual clue to the true answer to that though. All I knew was that each night I suffered in silence, and each day I smiled through Hell. 

I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to Stephenie Meyer the author of the series.  However I do own Jade Peters, and most dialogue created by her, and thoughts the character provides, along with any other characters not related to the original version.
This story is based off both the book, and movie. Sentence, and scenes are used from the original.  I do not own anything related to the original work by Stephenie Meyer they are used for the sole purpose of understanding the close role Jade plays in the family,Jade is an added addition, meant to enhance the story.

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