She's The Bully |G.D|

She's The Bully |G.D|

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Grayson Dolan, a shy, quiet, insecure school boy. He didn't have many friends, or any at all. His only friend was his twin brother, Ethan. Ethan was the rock that kept Grayson together, but Ethan was killed in a car accident. Ever since, Grayson was never the same. His grades started to slip, he became very depressed, and he started to get bullied by the one, the only, Heidi Keller. 

Heidi Keller, an outgoing, loud, confident girl. She had it all, a lot of friends, a lot of money, a huge house, everything she ever wanted. She was the most popular girl in school, but to keep this place she knew she had be a bit of a bitch. She started picking on Grayson Dolan at the start of their sophomore year of high school, he seemed different and easier to pick on. She hated herself for that, she was always a nice person in middle school, but high school is another story. She had to be mean, but she never let anyone know that she hated it, it would ruin her reputation. 

School is usually the pretty bad for most, but for these two, it's basically torture.

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