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Captured By The Mafia

Captured By The Mafia

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In My Own World By xXForgotten_SoulXx Updated Mar 20

I stood frozen as I watched right before my eyes, a man getting killed. I feel myself heart sink as tears fall down my face. I cover my mouth not wanting to make a sound, I need to get out of here. Turning around I start to walk away, but not before glancing one more time only to be met by 3 pairs of eyes. That's when I did it, that's when I took of and...ran. 

Being new to the big city is hard, especially not knowing anybody is even harder. Getting lost -which isn't a surprise- Sophie encounters herself in a murder, but not just any murder. It's a murder where not only does her whole life change and she meets the famous Mafia boss Vicent Ferreti, but also where she is held as...The Captive.

Who is you? I know you anit talking to me in that attitude didn't yo momma teach you some dang manners
Kindly note, that it is always 'would have' and not 'would of.' 'Have ' lets us know that the sentence is in the past perfect tense.
How can you wipe away your eyes?😂
                              I think you ment tears...
enen_2048 enen_2048 Nov 08, 2016
Im still w0ndering how did she manage to get home.
                              Interesting book i guess.
K_KBear K_KBear Dec 27, 2016
Wow......I usually eat the whole thing. That moment when you realize you're a fatass