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Amanda By Pandawaugh Completed

When you're kidnapped, maybe you think you'll find your true destiny in another world (not me), or maybe you'll be kidnapped by One Direction, or something like that (still not me) or maybe you'll be kidnapped by a super-hot guy (yes, but he hates me). 
Do you expect to get beaten?
To be treated like a slave?
To be sold like a slave?
Maybe, maybe not. But there's always one thought we kidnapped have in common: ESCAPE.

Did you just say the Ross family...from work???
                              Do the Rosses happen to be a bosses at your work? *smirks and flips hair* Yeah, I thought of that 😂 #RossesAreBosses
Actually, no...I have to question everything like why the everyday food I eat is so good because my mom is undeniably a terrible cooker, and why the house always looks so dirty when I clean it every week!!! 😂
I can't even describe how attractive my well-known peeps are anymore because I see their faces all the time!!! 😂
OMG. I love this story, I can't wait to see what will happen.
*Spits out water* Wait, you think your bro-who is related to you- is hot???
She's going to regret that soon and miss her family dearly...I can already tell 🤔