Sarah's Strategy

Sarah's Strategy

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7 Proper Princesses. 
One Bride

So Sarah is appointed to be one among all her sisters despite her lack of interest in marriage or anything in that particular category. Looks like The Infamous Ryan Hamilton is in for a surprise to meet the girl of his life.

While he's a rich bachelor who has no care in the world, she's in control and determined to make anything happen including breaking all ties of her contract marriage with Ryan. He does nothing to stop her but actions will speak as they find themselves swimming in the river of Red Love. 
Will she allow herself to drown or will she just ignore her feelings and go down with her plans?

  • arrangedmarriage
  • bachelor
  • billionaire
  • bride
  • family
  • impressions
  • jealousy
  • love
  • nemesis
  • plan
  • princess
  • proper
  • rebel
  • red
  • reputation
  • sacrifice
Anessa_Rod Anessa_Rod May 21
Mmm french toast *drools* I'd forget my manners too, the girl skipped dinner, I'd be a starved beast and eat the tray while I'm at it. Screw manners.
_ajju_ _ajju_ Mar 23
Haha... the lady would probably do the same for me. I can never be ladylike 😂
Anessa_Rod Anessa_Rod May 21
Hahaha that's so me right there. Traveling is the ultimate goal. ❤
Anessa_Rod Anessa_Rod May 21
Nooo :( You didn't have to shout, think about her side as well.
Anessa_Rod Anessa_Rod May 21
Holy nugget, why papa? Why? Why are you crushing that dream? The one who is least interested never fails to be the one getting the short end of the stick. What bad luck.
Anessa_Rod Anessa_Rod May 21
Yup. That one tiny statement couldn't be more true, love does have as much various ways of being cruel as it does being wonderful.