Hogwarts watches A Very Potter Sequel -completed-

Hogwarts watches A Very Potter Sequel -completed-

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dracoishalfelf By dracoishalfelf Updated May 21, 2016

Lucius: You're late.

Yaxley: Late? What's it matter?

"Who are these people?" Ron asked. 
"Well I don't know one of them but judging by the hair one of them is Lucius Malfoy." Hermione answered. 
"How do you know everything?"

Look at this morning's Prophet, 'The Boy-Who-Lived does it Again', 'The Dark Lord Dead for Good.' I knew it! We backed the wrong side, again!

"He's probably a death eater then." Hermione told Ron. 

Lucius: Calm yourself Yaxley.

"Oh ok. Who's that?" 
"Don't know."
Yaxley: All us Death Eaters are going to Azkaban now. NOOO! No, no, no!

Lucius: Do you have what I sent you for or not?

"Why is he skipping?"
"Because he's weird. 

Yaxley: Yeah I got it. Pulls out pouch. I had to break into the Ministry for it but I got it.

Lucius: Excellent.

Yaxley: And you should see the Ministry. The Dark Lord not dead more than a day and they've already got the wizard cops out after us.

"Eh?" The pure and half bloods asked while the muggle borns were laughing. 
"Well in t...

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PhngKhnh871 PhngKhnh871 May 28, 2017
What is Harry Potter's middle name? Ordinary potterheads would answer James, but us, the Starkids, answer Freakin'
ChocoholicMoony ChocoholicMoony Feb 14, 2017
I'm sorry but I was singing it, and then lost it here coz everyone sang it so cheerily xD
shaki_1 shaki_1 Dec 16, 2016
When you should study for your exams but stopped here first!
That_Ravenclaw_Chick That_Ravenclaw_Chick Jan 21, 2017
I feel like reading it is just as funny as watching it. If not funnier.
31harrypotter07 31harrypotter07 Apr 13, 2016
Did anyone realise while watching it that the small instrumental bit before this bit sounds a lot like the Doctor Who theme tune?
staggeringlyjily staggeringlyjily Jan 20, 2017
I would still be the person laughing because of the way Harry said it