Help me ( Rwby Bumblebee )

Help me ( Rwby Bumblebee )

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Mommy-Senpai By Drwalf Completed

Blake has been on the run for years. Adam had always seemed to find her and make her pay for running away. She's tired of running from her insane Ex-Husband. 

She wants help. But who in their right mind would help a scarred Faunus? 


Yang has been alone ever since her sister, Ruby, decided to get married to a heiress named Weiss Schnee. That was six years ago. She's 23, teaches three styles of fighting, as well as work in a café, but nothing seems to fill the empty spot in her heart. As well as replace her horrid past... 

She wants someone. But who in their right mind would ever love a monster like herself?

(Fan art by Skiretehfox )

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im from 2018 and i dont remember jackshît about the yesteryears
tentzin tentzin Apr 16
love your stories and if I may add I wanted to help a friend out to read her stories it's called The best dreams
                              and yes I'm gay
animeperson31 animeperson31 Aug 06, 2017
I will admit it 2016 went by very I MEAN VERY slow and 2017 is about to be over like what the hell
rayman3120 rayman3120 Jul 01, 2016
Read the first take. Its intresting :)
                              Almost 3 week holidays so maybe then i have the time to read some more  :D
                              Good job ;D
                              I make my own rwby fanfic... but it won't be as good as this one :)
zeomanic zeomanic Dec 22, 2016
Wow the start was a bit disturbing but still this book is amazing keep up the good work!!!!
DynamoDan DynamoDan Jul 11, 2016
That vacant warehouse must have no vacancy, after all, Blake is sleeping in there (I'm not calling Blake fast, I'm just being a Smartass)