To Kill Gods or Die Trying

To Kill Gods or Die Trying

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Socks, Sandals, and Typos By nifakaniga Completed

At the official release of the first-ever fully immersive Virtual Reality, an unnamed cyber-terrorist has hacked into the main software of the game.
  Players are not able to log out and return to reality, and are stuck within the fantasy fighting game. With no way to warn the outside world and no way to escape,  100 thousand players are to meet the cyber-terrorist's quota by beating the entire game.
  Not only must they kill millions of monsters and thousands of bosses, but they must slay all of the 30 demigods and the 12 literal god-like raid bosses. Upon that, there is no respawning. Death crosses both realms of the game and reality.
  Follow the journey of Ben Even, his friends, and thousands of other players as they form and strengthen friendships, display the full extent of the human spirit, and realize the importance of hope while Even battles his demons from the past, guilt of the present, and anxiety for the future.

Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

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CyanidePilgrim CyanidePilgrim Jun 07, 2017
All Australians automatically get +10 Animal Handling. This is canon
FreedExiled FreedExiled Jul 06, 2017
In another way around call it connecting millions of people into a one dream mmorpg game..... Everyone is dreaming the same dream yet its a game... 2200 xd lil its great
AkenTai AkenTai Mar 14, 2017
Sup in tai I really like the book its awesome so yeah keep it up
Shiro_Crownbreaker Shiro_Crownbreaker Jun 02, 2016
Hey, so if I got a tattoo would it detect? If so I'd be game, always gonna look awesome that way.
TheDashingRogue TheDashingRogue Jul 02, 2016
As much as I like gaming and immersion. The fact that it scans your body and manipulates it is way to far.
InkWarfare InkWarfare Feb 04, 2017
There's way more than 5 senses, but since most of em are so intuitive I assume they were developed as a natural by-product of the famous 5