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A different kind of super family

A different kind of super family

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Orbiting-earth By Orbiting_earth Updated Mar 11, 2016

After the war, Percy finds himself with nothing. His friends and family are dead and he's released his ties to the gods until he's ready to return. With no home or family, Percy suddenly finds himself being taken in by none other than Tony Stark who happens to be his uncle. Read to see how Percy manages with his new family of avengers. 

*For Batman.*
Warning: slash stuff. Sorry if you don't like it.

sweetkitten6 sweetkitten6 Dec 19, 2016
Batsy, Batsy, Batsy... P.S. Fun fact: some electronics autocorrect Batsy to-Barstool!
Riptiderox Riptiderox Mar 20, 2016
Man, can people stop talking about other people that they just knew about a couple of hours back that died, and only one of those people remained pleas? JK
neverfadingstars neverfadingstars May 06, 2016
Yo just a tip
                              Skip lines in between Every couple sentences so you can read more clearly. Just a tip. Not criticizing u.
Izzleariz Izzleariz Apr 05, 2016
Don't blame it on sunshine,
                              Don't blame it on moonlight
                              Don't blame it on batman
                              Blame it on the boogie
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jun 27, 2016
Actually he's saved the world every time he went on a quest or lead a war.
PennyPony100 PennyPony100 Mar 26, 2016
I would have laughed uncontrollably if they said 'We've saved the world.'