One of Us (Hitachiin Twins)

One of Us (Hitachiin Twins)

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Amelia By mangaplease Completed


"By the way," Hikaru glanced back at her, smirking, "You won the game."

(Hikaru X Haruhi, Kaoru X Haruhi, Hikaru X Kaoru)

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Aww man! The poor sandwich didn't get the joy of being eaten! Or I guess the pain...
Bianca0078 Bianca0078 Sep 17
OH joy more sad things to let my heart die for you know fan fiction is so much better than the original.....I get to die more because of the feel......I totally love this *she says as she curls into a ball and cries*
What do you call it when Haruhi can afford an ouran uniform?
There is actually 2 days left for me... .__.) I will have to deal with loud people and their constant pushing and shoving.... At least I have books....
Spooky-Clique Spooky-Clique Oct 01, 2016
Listening to guilty beauty love. ....earlier to bokura no love style
Spooky-Clique Spooky-Clique Oct 01, 2016
Also Starbucks, you twins should go there, and Mcdonalds it is good too :)