The Mark of a Healer

The Mark of a Healer

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~•~Sarah~•~ By _justa_smalltowngirl Updated Feb 02, 2017

Celeste is the Alpha's daughter, his only daughter, to be exact. She is a werefox and a healer. Impossible, right? Well, it was till now. Because her mother did not inherit being a fox nor her father a healer, they thought she was going to be normal. Wrong. She has both traits, passed down through her grandparents. 

Being the only werefox and healer, the rogues are barreling after her. Celeste is in huge trouble. They have wanted her ever since they found out. They sent a spy to date her, and she fell for it. With all of this newfound information, what will the Alpha of the rogues do to get this magical girl? To add on, her four over-protective brothers and father are all in a meeting across the world and won't be back for two months, leaving Celeste as an Alpha with a whole lot of baggage. 
Lycer is a vicious alpha to anyone who doesn't know him. They say he kills anyone who crosses his territory line, but all of that simply isn't true. When his pack, The Dark Moon Pack, moves next to Celeste's, he jumps on the chance to make a new ally. After he learns she's his mate and that rogues are after her, what extent will he go to to keep her safe? And what extent will the rogues go to to obtain her power?

Will Celeste be able to keep safe from them with the help of her new mate, Lycer? Will she be able to stay the kind girl she is with all of this new stress? Join Celeste and Lycer as they take a journey through love, pain, and heartbreak.

  • alpha
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • rogue
  • romance
  • werefox
  • werewolf
emspend emspend Aug 01, 2016
Amazing Prologue!!! Can't wait to read the rest of the book!!!!😁😁😁
bubblove bubblove Aug 25, 2016
OMG ! what ??!!!!! U write so beautifully !! ... I'm already in love with this book! !!!!