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He's My Nerd!

He's My Nerd!

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... By BurningStorm Completed

When you're popular and your love goes out to a nerd, it doesn't exactly raise your reputation now does it? But, what happens if a popular's best friend is a nerd? Will that be better than being in love with a nerd? If it is better and it doesn't raise your reputation, then Clarisse Chase is in one heck of a jam.

Night_Angel45 Night_Angel45 Dec 26, 2016
Me in school be like. And then the guy dates another girl. And I'm like, okay never mind.
Clarissapineiro Clarissapineiro Mar 13, 2016
I can't get over that his dad hit with a broom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Night_Angel45 Night_Angel45 Dec 26, 2016
See girls? These are the kind of guys we should like. Not those player jerks.
funam07 funam07 Apr 19, 2015
If I were a guy, that would be the kind of girl that I'd be absolutely terrified by...
bunhun66 bunhun66 Jul 21, 2014
Oh *gulps* I hope it's him otherwise u might wanna run and hid but tell the 5O