The Twists And Turns Of Marrying Elise

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Cher By aBitParanoid Updated 4 years ago
All Jared wants is to regain his place in the family after running away and losing everything - but it's not as easy as he'd hoped. Jared hates his rich father, who is always trying to make his life miserable, but wants to prove himself to be better than the stupid, reckless boy he was four years ago. But his father is not making that easy. When a business partner comes to visit, Jared's father arranges a marriage between Jared and his friend's daughter, causing Jared's plan to crash and burn. Will Jared's father have victory, or will this girl prove to not be so bad after all?
how the hell did you manage me to feel upset after reading the PROLOUGE?
Wooah, this has got me hooked already! its very interesting!
Crap I hate it when the protagonist's counterpart dies. I'm curious of where you will go from this.
                                    Nostalgia, sadness where some of the emotions that I felt when i was reading this.
                                    The carving of their names was a great addition. It made my insides all fuzzy.
Aww its so sweet, I wanted to cry. I wonder what happened? Anyway I guess I'll be reading more to find out
This is beauituflly written. I'm being honest, you are the first wattpad writer that has written with such grace. Thanks for sending me the link to this story, It really is a piece of writing. x)
I really love the way this is written. Its melancholy, it makes me feel sad when i read it, also very good language when expressing his emotions