6 Months (Zodiac Story)

6 Months (Zodiac Story)

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a m i e e g r a c e By amieegrace Updated 6 days ago

12 signs, 24 people, 1 house.

Follow their journey as the live together for the next 6 month, through love, heartbreak, friendship, drama, fights and hookups, will they survive?

// Halfway through the story the concept and construction of the story and characters has changed for many reasons but mostly to create a more diverse and relatable cast. Enjoy! \\

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kimg03 kimg03 Apr 05
Leo man and Scorpio woman that’s would be a fun ride lmaoo I’d love to see their cute bickering come on yall
ThePaganSun ThePaganSun May 05
Not if the Leos punch you first. We're not LIONS for nothing,  honey. 😑👊♌
garmau4everever garmau4everever Jul 19, 2017
Yep me and my tiwn are scorpio's let just say this is going to be very interesting.
Writer_At_Moonlight Writer_At_Moonlight Jul 15, 2017
Welp, ur gonna have a hard him when u meet the female cancer. Me
And Elizabeth Gillies, I’m not a Scorpio, but I recognized Elizabeth Gillies, SHE PLAYS JADE IN VICTORIOUS!! That’s another show I like to watch
I'm a Cancer, but I really don't care what people think about me