Lace and Lamia (Fashionable Seduction #2)

Lace and Lamia (Fashionable Seduction #2)

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foreverlosttear By foreverlosttear Updated May 12, 2016

Madison has no last name that she knows of. She was born on the streets of London and expected to die on them too. One night she is rescued by a mysterious man and taken back to his manor, where she experiences very human delights for the first time and begins to fall in love with her saviour.

But he isn't human, and never has been. He keeps company with devils and madmen and shuns religion, leaving Madison wallowing in confusion. Her journey into the unknown has begun and on the way she meets, vampires, goblins and all manner of monsters made flesh...

On the other side of town Veronica searches desperately for Vincent, her immortal love. Abandoned and penniless she seeks anyone kind enough to risk their soul for a desperate vampire...

    roguepunk roguepunk Nov 06, 2016
    Can't she track him via the blood link and what about her family are they tracking her down to imprison her for her mother's murder?
    DumAmoVivo DumAmoVivo Jan 12, 2016
    A tease - amazing yet still a tease - leaving us hungry and wanting to sink fangs into more of this heart-rending story.
    theblackhair theblackhair Jan 12, 2016
    I'm really hoping vincent and veronica will be happy forever
    FallingNot FallingNot Jan 12, 2016
    This us an interesting beginning
                                  I feel like Veronica's changed a lot
                                  And I only have one question, who's Madison?
    MistyyVanGhoul MistyyVanGhoul Jan 11, 2016
    That's the spirit. Hmm don't tell me but I'm wondering if there will be Vincent's POVs. I'm also a bit unwelcoming right now of a new female's POV beside Veronica's but.
    Ash_W_Night Ash_W_Night Jan 11, 2016
    I think i like this version of Veronica i wonder how shes going to deal with the hunters. N hopefully when she finds them she'll be stronger