Sexual Abuse and Jaden Smith

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diamonic23 By diamonic23 Updated 2 years ago
This story is about Hayden meeting a son of this movie star "Jaden Smith". Before she met him, she had fell in love with this boy named Jason. He had abuse her before her next hit movie with Jaden Smith. Jaden had helped her by saving her when she was trapped with a bunch of guys who were trying to have sex with her.
Y did she sleep in the room with hymm insted ov his sister that is more plausable because wouldnt no one would have to sleep on the floor butbi really. Luv luv luv this book that u 4 writing it it is amazing
she is stupid. why would she keep going back to jason. and she should be ablr to call jason out on his bluff when he says hes telling his friends because if he did that than he would go to jail.
This is a really good story I really really like it!! Good job!!