My Strange Luna

My Strange Luna

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Katrine By KateLundo01 Updated Sep 20, 2018

First up, Nick Wright. Part time fitness trainer, loves the outdoors and is in his last year of college. As you can probably tell by now, he's the popular type, one to get any girl to fall for his charm. Standing 6'2 tall and being a muscular build certainly doesn't help any situation. Nick is a werewolf, alpha of his pack actually. Most of his pack attended the school he went to.

Then there's Sophie Walters. The keep to herself, nose always stuck in a book, type of girl. She isn't the type to be seen at parties, pretty but certainly no super model. Outgoing when you know her but shy to the eye and very, very sarcastic and stubborn. 

Having just moved into this neighbourhood, what will happen when these complete strangers find that they're stuck with each other for the whole year?

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