My Weakness| Vampire!Boy x Reader

My Weakness| Vampire!Boy x Reader

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Vampire!Boy x Reader 

Was it luck? Was it fate?

[name] is finally being adopted by someone. She happily sat on one of the seats as her "nana" talks to the mysterious man.

Her "nana" hands the man her information and also the adoption papers.

"[name]" her nana said, "I'm going to miss you"

"I'm going to miss you too, nana!" [name] cries as she hugs her "nana".


  As they left, [name] grunted in pain as the man forcibly put her in a cage whilst throwing the cage at the back of a truck. 

"If you're going to fucking scream or even try to escape, you're going to be disciplined" the man said with anger in his voice.

[name]'s heart was pounding, she expected a loving family to take care of her... not this

We would all be safe if Harambe was here #DiçkśoutforHarambe