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The Vampire Kings Heir (original)

The Vampire Kings Heir (original)

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Lana Drah By ElenaFraus Completed


'I swear to god, walk out that door and we're over!' I yell, my voice hoarse as salty tears stream down my face, my throat tight from crying. 

I look up at him pleadingly, the tears continuing to spill as a clench my jaw, my eyes begging him with every remaining ounce of my existence that was still in tact to stay, but he looked me in the eyes, his face emotionless as he turned his back to me, walking out the door and slamming it shut behind him. 

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Locked up for ten years after a tragedy that claimed her parents lives, Lauren endures incomparable suffering from the age of seven until she is released into a world where the monsters under your bed live amongst you. 

Unable to tell wrong from right, friend from foe, she had to navigate through the dead end maze that is life, making mistakes and breaking hearts along the way while she is sucked into the lying, cheating, manipulative world that surrounds six, devilishly handsome brothers. 

Who said it was a piece of pie when you were the vampire king's heir? 

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Really??? Are you kidding me? Ten years with this big lavish place you apparently live in or whatever and you couldn't find her a bedroom???