Whispering To Deaf Ears (Vmin Fanfic) [TW & SEQUEL]

Whispering To Deaf Ears (Vmin Fanfic) [TW & SEQUEL]

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⊏ ⓐⓛⓔⓚⓢ™ ⊐ By antaecipation Updated Jul 21, 2017

How will Taehyung cope with the fact Jimin is back with his ex? Can he move on himself as well?

《Cover Credits to @jeonstation》

《Whispering To Deaf Ears || ⓒ antaecipation》

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Loveprize95 Loveprize95 Sep 26, 2017
I feel like someone has add... I cant keep up with your stories. I've been skimming though this series since the first one hoping to make since of it... there is to much going on at once. I admire your diligence in continuing. I'll stick with it though. Work hard. Fighting.
Life story right here, trying to fight with someone taller than me
Ren_Ai_Sou Ren_Ai_Sou Aug 28, 2017
so im playing music and reading and pillow talk came on help
Xxen_17 Xxen_17 Nov 10, 2017
Good food takes a long time to cook ya know
                              Ever wonder why recipes say 'simmer for 20mins on low heat'? Thats for the sake of the food actually BEING GOOD TO EAT bih
MardzNakamoto MardzNakamoto Aug 26, 2017
Okay I was dead serious about this book until "shorty" came across... GODDAMIT
Bro.. Every glass is the same except if you put Yoongi's cum in it