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Everyone's favorite Slytherin, Draco Malfoy had fallen for Hermione Granger?! 


True, even Hermione was stumped-literally. But then, even she began to grow feelings for him whether she liked it or not. 



Herm's brain was going to spontaneously combust if she thought about it anymore. But how could she not think about it? This was THE Draco Malfoy! The one who bullied her since day one in Hogwarts!

And frankly, to think that it was all due to a potions class that caused this change in her heart forever was just plain bonkers. However, bonkers or not, she had to question herself; this change in her heart, was it a good change...or a bad one?

Is this a snamione fic or dramione fic?  I've had this in my library for ages and i can't remember
desertqueen167 desertqueen167 3 days ago
ONLY ONE TO NOTICE IT SAYS THE GODS!!!!...only one okay *goes back into cave where I start to eat popcorn
*Still eating popcorn*... Man, I have alot'a popcorn don' I?
Oml did you do this on purpose cuz dat show is meh life.....
                              WHO DID NEGAN KILL!?!?!? 
Catey1509 Catey1509 Jul 28, 2015
Draco got better looking throughout the films and in the books, I always pictured him as good looking myself
Accio_bacon Accio_bacon Oct 17, 2014
I bet his farther wouldn't hear about Draco watching muggle tv shows though...