The Pirate of Greece

The Pirate of Greece

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When General Annabeth Chase is forced to ask for help in unexpected places, she finds herself fighting alongside a band of a notorious pirates, one green-eyed person in particular. 

When the legendary pirate captain, Perseus Jackson, is captured and then offered a chance to redeem himself, he finds himself in the middle of a war he had planed to stay away from. Not to mention his life now included a dangerous grey-eyed girl. 

Read about your favorite characters from Rick Riordan's series 'The Heroes of Olympus' in a comedic, action packed, pirate au. 

Cover created by the talented @deipnophobia . Thank you!

In no way do I own the characters belonging to Rick Riordan. You know what belongs to him or not.

I feel like Will is gonna be like "SUP DUDE!!! LET ME HEAL U!!!"
I can if you want to, but if I get annoying just tell me to stop. Xx
emlove0 emlove0 Nov 06
yo so does this mean the demigods have their powers in this AU then? cause it's awesome either way