Best Friends ||Kalin White||

Best Friends ||Kalin White||

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Hey guys, I'm Alana (uh-lon-uh) McCall. I have a huge family, I was born second, after my brother) so here's the order (middle names cause I was lowkey feelin it) 

1st- August Demitri McCall (17 yrs.)
2nd-Alana Rae McCall (16 yrs.) (me)
3rd- Ivy Kai McCall (15 yrs.)
4th-Kamille Dakota McCall (14 yrs.)
5th-Arden Elaine McCall (13 yrs.) 

We live in Dublin with married parents, Dallas and Gina. Other than my family, I go to Dublin High School with August and Ivy. It's honestly hella boring until I meet up with my best friend, Kalin.


Ugh boring intro I know...:(

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