The Dream Demon (Billdip FANFIC)

The Dream Demon (Billdip FANFIC)

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2 More days By AutumStone Updated Apr 10, 2016

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures,Gravity Falls, or it's characters. I only own this story...and maybe oc's if I decide to add them) ENJOY!

            Dipper and Mabel sat on a bus seat next to each other, headed straight for the one town they had been ecstatic to finally come back to over their school year; Gravity Falls. They had been going to this little town for four years every summer since they were twelve. They came there every summer to visit their Grunkle Stan, who was the owner of the tourist trap called The Mystery Shack. Though they loved seeing their Grunkle Stan, that was not the only reason to why they were excited. The forest that surrounded Gravity Falls were filled with creatures and secrets of all sorts that were just waiting to be discovered. Dipper had found a journal that only contained a portion of these creatures and secrets when he was twelve, and every year he would fill this journal with more.

          "I'm so EXCITED!" Mabel nearly screamed a...

- - Apr 24, 2016
At school, me and my friends started a dominion where you draw Bills eye somewhere on you with always watching, it like a gang symbol now XD SPREAD THE DOMINION
DoritoCipher2210 DoritoCipher2210 Apr 14, 2016
Undertale reference? The book is great write more and there better be a sepual I neeeeeed more
Snake827 Snake827 Aug 14, 2016
Seriously that experience with Bill enhabiting Dips body and messing him up must've scarred him
sugaryroses sugaryroses Sep 09, 2016
lol bill yet? jk i was just re-reading through it and was like..wait? what now?
SamanthaDragneel SamanthaDragneel Mar 07, 2016
Etching up your face fills you with determination. 
                              No one?..... I'm undertale trash
GasterBlasterSans GasterBlasterSans Jul 16, 2016
Epic, awesome, better than mine, give me more, DO MORE UP TO 1000