The Pain of Being in the Middle

The Pain of Being in the Middle

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Hidden Margin By HiddenMargin Updated Dec 31, 2016

The war is over ... That is, for some.
The same cannot be said for Sakura. She is still fighting for a cause that is dying and even her friends who have suffered so much are feeling the weight of what her teammates have done. With Naruto missing and presumed dead, multiple others deemed missing (amongst those being Hinata and Tenten), and a Konoha that she can't even step foot in without someone trying to capture her. Sakura's life has become a living hell ...
It's all HIS fault ...
Him, his stupid list, ... and the pain she feels everyday for being in the middle.
(Slight AU SasuSaku NaruHina Canon couples)

A/N: My first fanfic here on Wattpad. Only comments and critiques. Hating will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately. This also includes hate towards characters. That gets annoying and fast.
The characters are owned by Kishimoto and drawings to respective artists. I only own the plot.
So sit back and enjoy everyone! ^-^

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__Wing__ __Wing__ May 01
Lmao. I thought she would actually say yes  cuz she was like teary and all..
Kafziel_7 Kafziel_7 Jun 13
Pfffttttt hahahaha duckbutt this cherry blossom just roasted you into fried duck!!!!
1. Hating is going to happen eventually, so if you don't like it, simply ignore it.
                              2. Hating on the characters means that you made the reader FEEL something, and as if they were actually there. Calling that annoying is basically calling some of your readers annoying.
MissQlove MissQlove Apr 01
                              UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!   Serves you right Sasuke
                              I REPEAT NOT EXPECTING THAT! 😨😱
Celestial-Fawnis Celestial-Fawnis Dec 26, 2016
your so kind! there is meaning behind those words, anyone wanna figure it out?