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Give the Devil his Due

Give the Devil his Due

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Carebear! By The_Queen_97 Completed

Kimberly Jones, better known as Kimber, is new in town. She's the beautiful and smart daughter of a Secret Service member, fully capable of handling herself in any situation.

Lucas Vasquez, better known as the town's residing criminal, is shrouded by mystery and sarcasm. With sins stretching behind him almost a mile long, he's dangerous and captivating and the son of the drug cartel's leader. A man to some, a god to others, who cures boredom on a weekend with a murder or two.

After dealing with deadly thugs, seductive boys, and impossible midterms, Kimber's life seems to be spiraling out of control and the first semester isn't even over yet. But when she discovers that Lucas is slowly dying and somehow her father is connected to it all, Kimber's first year of college takes a turn for the worst.

Can the daughter of a law abiding family join forces with the son of America's most wanted in order to not only save themselves, but also the empire Lucas' father has built while leading the drug cartel? Or will Kimber lose Lucas forever to the secrets and evils surrounding the Vasquez family?

Through unbelievable twists and discoveries, Kimber will learn quickly that when the drug cartel descends, blood runs thicker than water. 

And blood. Will. Run.

- © 2016

[P.S- I enjoy writing big, bloody, and heart wrenching endings. You have been warned;) ]

Mathena2017 Mathena2017 Jul 25, 2016
At times like this, dora the explorer definitely comes into use 😂
galaxy_coolkid galaxy_coolkid Dec 12, 2016
girl can you just please be quiet about that shet. i mean your cousin did tell you to stop so...
happyisacurse happyisacurse Oct 01, 2016
i speak little to no spanish but i think this roughly translates to "rico, hello my friend. whats up?" (and no, i didnt use google translate)
exolmoshi exolmoshi Apr 09, 2016
The only thing i got out of yhis paragraph is that she spat on coffee
dakhjo dakhjo Sep 25, 2016
It's sad that she admits that. Whats the asylums number so I can give them a call to pick up Nichole?
Oh 😂 well the roles reversed. I usually thought the guys target the prostitutes 😂 I learn something new everyday