Imbroglio // h.s au

Imbroglio // h.s au

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all the love. x - e By mrbieberswifey Updated Jan 28, 2016

Imbroglio (noun): an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. 

Being the town freak and psychopath, Harry Styles always had it hard. Being the leader's son made it even worse. His home planet, Agrolea, was plagued with war and poverty, yet the people thrived only due them waiting for their soulmates. 

Harry dreamed that one day he would meet his soulmate and they would love him forever and not treat him the way he had been treated for years. He loved the night time, because he knew as soon as he fell asleep, he would see her beautiful face and be with her again. 

One day on patrol, he overhears a sharp wail through the thick blizzard of ice and snow. Rushing towards the noise, he finds a small, frail baby girl. Instantly, his and her eyes flash from their normal, inky black to the gorgeous dark red that indicated their souls were intertwining. His soulmate. 

Feeling nothing but love and protection over the baby girl, he takes her home to take care of her and love her for eternity. Problems arise as the town completely erupts in outrage and disbelief at the sight of this precious child being in the hands of "psychotic" Harry. 

Harry must protect his soulmate from the town as they try their hardest to take her from him while war continues to rage on around him. 

What happens as she grows older and his protective feelings turn to lust and love? Find out in "Imbroglio"

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