Fifty shades darker-Told by Christian Grey

Fifty shades darker-Told by Christian Grey

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Indiggo By BabyIndigo Updated Sep 18

"This reminded me a happy time." 

I stare at it for what seems like years. 

Fucking tears betray me. They brim my eyes, threatening to fall. I roughly rub them willing them to go back down... I really fucked up!  

There is a gaping hole in my soul; something clawing at me inside. 

What is that pain I have never experienced? It's is as if part of me is dying all over again. 

I can go over to Anastasia's and beg her forgiveness. How do I live with this pain? 

Like my fucking heart grows all over again for that torturous lion to consume. I've lost my purpose in life...

Its a fanfiction based on fifty shades darker but in Christian Grey's Point Of View.

I Dont Own The Fifty Shades Trilogy Or Characters. All Rights Go To EL James and 

Emine Fougner who created this version of the book!

NoteFour1 NoteFour1 Mar 24
Wow, this was so vivid, and extremely sad, is this book published by E.L JAMES yet?
Its ok i will make u food I'm so sorry i will make anything u want my sweet child I'm gonna cry omg
jaimy00 jaimy00 Sep 06
Hi, is this the original story? I cant seem to gind it on google, so, is it?
I feel so bad for laughing out when he said his peepee is hanging out omg
I know this is supposed to be a traumatic event but when I saw peepee I lost it
Hun0412 Hun0412 Mar 03
Thankyou so much omg ive been looking for this novel and finally i found it! Thanks to you really thankyou for post it