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CJ By ChiaraGaristo Updated Feb 13


From the quarry, to the CDC, then the farm, to the prison, Rick and his group have survived through it. Losing many, from walkers, from bullets, and one from child birth, but they've made it through them. 

From a two day trip to King's County, has overturned with many obstacles that the group didn't expect. Rick's now daughter Carly is trying her hardest to find safety for the group. 

With barely any time to get away, or any time for themselves, Daryl becomes overprotective. 

Will Daryl's overprotectiveness put a dent in their relationship? Will the group ever make it to King's County? Who will they meet along the way? Who will survive?

The most important question is: Who is willing to stay together, and fight, side-by-side?

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deleting_this deleting_this Oct 23, 2017
I loved the first book and I am excited to read the sequel! You have a lovely name, by the way!❤️