Who Is He? (Markiplier × Reader)

Who Is He? (Markiplier × Reader)

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Cruise Ship By MissyTrickyMustache Updated Dec 26, 2016

College, a great year for you. Considering the fact that you went to college with the guy you've had a crush on since junior high, Mark. Edward. Fischbach. But what happens when you forget him? Will your relationship stay the same?

PS I'm going to make a male POV one... at some point...

Slightly futuristic but honestly, the futuristic comes from a deranged scientist so... how are we even supposed to know that this doesn't exist?

bunnyhop466 bunnyhop466 Jul 04, 2016
It feel like you don't even know mark but in real life you do .
NbdyVnCrsBtS NbdyVnCrsBtS Aug 15, 2016
I don't think girls and guys share dorms. Good thing I'm a dude, huh?
cupcake_girl321 cupcake_girl321 Jul 17, 2016
Wow... I didn't know falling of stairs would be so....horrible
Bootsuma_Chan Bootsuma_Chan Jul 19, 2016
Why do I always have to go to the hospital in a "Mark x Reader" fanfic?
CrazyGirl198 CrazyGirl198 Nov 23, 2016
I uh..  Broke 3 fingers tripping on nothing I think Im the only one who can truly say me here