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Primrose Evans (1) : Lily Evans' Twin Story And James Potter Love Story.

Primrose Evans (1) : Lily Evans' Twin Story And James Potter Love Story.

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iConfunded By iConfunded Completed

21/05/16 - 400# In FanFiction

Primrose Amaryllis Evans was always outshone by her older twin, Lillian Marie Evans. She was always the prettier one, always the more favoured one and always the one that had more friends. Yet it seems like Beauxbatons has made this girl into a stunning angel with the elegance of a swan and a fearsome warrior. Now that Primrose is starting her sixth year she decided to go to Hogwarts and show the sister who bullied her for so many years who she is now.

She is Primrose Amaryllis Evans. Just like a star, beautiful to look at yet impossible to catch. 

With the exception of a hazel-eyed marauder with a heart melting grin.


emerydinh emerydinh Jan 23
Why is it that I was reading this and suddenly I imagined that her neck that had eyes...
This story is Making lily seem like a brat and a gold digger when she's kind hearted and loving
Lily normally ya sweet and kind but in this fanfic ya actin real bîtchy
Oh lily you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey lily hey hey hey lily
alymuffin alymuffin Jan 22
First I thought I wouldn't like the story cause how can lily ever be evil? But I love this story it's so cool with an evil lily it's hilarious
Breezii-chan Breezii-chan 5 days ago
                              PRIM AND JAMES SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G
                              First comes love
                              Then comes Marriage (Or sex)
                              Then comes a baby in  a baby carriage (Harry wizard)