[WATTYS 2017] Primrose Evans (1) : Lily Evans' Twin  And James Potter Love Story

[WATTYS 2017] Primrose Evans (1) : Lily Evans' Twin And James Potter Love Story

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Primrose Amaryllis Evans was always outshone by her older twin, Lillian Marie Evans. She was always the prettier one, always the more favoured one and always the one that had more friends. Yet it seems like Beauxbatons has made this girl into a stunning angel with the elegance of a swan and a fearsome warrior. Now that Primrose is starting her sixth year she decided to go to Hogwarts and show the sister who bullied her for so many years who she is now.

She is Primrose Amaryllis Evans. Just like a star, beautiful to look at yet impossible to catch. 

With the exception of a hazel-eyed marauder with a heart melting grin.


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                              I laughed way too hard at this and my mom's looking at me weird now help
i personally love lily evans so much but i understand that you want it to go along with the story lol. jily are on of my headcannon otps so anyways :)
James Potter is too good for you! I hope Prim marries him just to piss you off!
Even though we never saw them in the books Jo did talk about vampires being in the Wizarding World so they can be there if the author wants them too
miles_xox miles_xox Jul 02
Isn't it Meanagrie? May I please edit your book I'm sorry but the spelling errors just completely befuddle me and hurt my brain.
I always thought of Holland Roden or Scarlett Johansen with lond red hair