My Little Neko (A Septiplier FF)

My Little Neko (A Septiplier FF)

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D_F_G56 By Deadlox_Fan_Girl56 Updated Apr 26, 2016

Jack came from an abusive home and has lived in a pet shop for about a month. But one day a very handsome looking boy walks in with his mother. What happens when Jack is adopted by the boy?
Lets found out shall we!!

im making my version of this story from its normal form which was a Jeremy X Vincent book called "Neko!!! JeremyxVincent" By an awesome and amazing writer on here that goes by the username of @Wolfy_Wolf324
love the book she made!! Ive read 3 times now and reading it again so I can write this!!! 

And for all those Septiplier fans out there.... SEPTIPLIER AWAY!!!!

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So cute I love your fanfic good job must have took hours or days or EVEN MONTHS okay now I'm over exaggerating what I'm trying to say is...I LOVE YOUR CUTE CUTE FANFIC😍😘😗😙😚🤗😶😄
Wow, after all this time I never knew that money could buy love. Btw r u sure that this is a pet store? Sounds like some kind of a black market selling children 😐
Aww, isn't it so cute when you find someone petting a naked little boy? (It didn't say anything about clothes lol)
EnderDragonesss EnderDragonesss Dec 10, 2017
Ok mom *finds pet that costs 399 dollars* CAN WE GET THIS ONE
happytown12700 happytown12700 Nov 14, 2016
Get your boyfriend here! 500$ a boy! Going once! Going twice!
MisssLadd MisssLadd Oct 01, 2016
:1 how old is mark in this Fic
                              I can't even get a cupcake that is 2 dollars!