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Zodiac Stories

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*faceplants* By 13th_Dragon_Slayer Updated Dec 23, 2016

Okay, so, hi...

I'm an Aries, I'm also a total fangirl, my best friends are Geminis, Capricorns, and Libras ♈♊♎♑
This is my first Zodiac book, please feel free to comment on one condition, PLEASE NO SWEARING!
Always, always leave suggestions

Arrivederci, (Bye in Italian, sorry, addicted to learning different languages.)

Fancy_Trashcan Fancy_Trashcan Nov 03, 2016
Who ever said my crush was a boy? I would rather prefer Scorpio to be a girl like my girlfriend :3
XxarissxX XxarissxX Sep 13, 2016
In an Aires and I have the same friends and some hair color and same eye color, but I'm a boy...
undertalefan184 undertalefan184 Sep 17, 2016
My friends are Pisces (same as me) Taurus, Libra Aquarius along with a Gemini x3
dancingfeet_14 dancingfeet_14 Oct 12, 2016
AHHH OMG SPOT ON This is except my hairs dyed at the bottom but my natural is brown
I_Will_Shoot_You I_Will_Shoot_You Dec 25, 2016
But.......meh gfs a virgo so she CANNOT love scorpio*yandere activated*
jaidamahone jaidamahone Dec 23, 2016
My eye color is extremely dark brown so.....  it's ok..... I guess