Unwanted Omega

Unwanted Omega

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Birchblade By Katy_the_demon Updated Aug 26

I know they hate me.

I know I am weak.

I know I am an Omega.

At the age of three I shifted like every other werewolf. There was just one thing wrong with me, and the whole pack knew it.

I was a weak, unwanted Omega.

I am Kaitlyn Young, the horrible Omega. Plague of the Nightlock Pack.

(Thanks for the cover! She changed her name but her old account was named @dinomyte and I don't know the new one)

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amixedqueen amixedqueen Sep 19, 2016
they are not white furred they cannot shift some keep it a secret some are white furred but that's rare so sorry to be smart but you got that wrong .
DoveReign DoveReign Mar 28, 2016
WOAH. Sounds so cool. Damn- and the white wolves are weak? Loving it even more! ^^
X-Oheyla-X X-Oheyla-X Apr 15, 2016
Omg this is so good! Its a really good (I dont know what its called but its like when someone has a good first few sentances and grabs attention so they want to read). And this is such a good change. Finally a bad white wolf!
Okay im now destined to be an omega irl cuz my last name is young lol.  🙀
Rudely-Enough_Its_Me Rudely-Enough_Its_Me Jun 23, 2016
Not really. It's more of the mother and father's fault since it takes two to tango and they knew what they were doing but ey you're the color white and its a cool color 😁
Cr00kedCrow Cr00kedCrow Nov 17, 2016
                              If you're comparing two things, you use 'than.' Otherwise, 'then' would be correct. 
                              Sorry if this is bothersome or anything. I comment things like this because I want to help people become the best writers they can be, not because I want to seem smarter.