Run| Quicksilver x reader

Run| Quicksilver x reader

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Tasha By Smol-Bean-Dean Completed

**My username was-Swimmer- when I made this now its changed**

My name is (y/n). For most of my life I have been held in a secret laboratory in one of Hydras' bases. Unlike the other people being held here. I wasn't experimented on to get my speed. I was born with it... And that's what makes me a threat.

But when the Avengers learn about her, she joins them... and she meets Pietro Maximoff (quicksilver)

I fell out of my chair when I read that and my mom look at me weird because I was laughing like a dolphin
Haruhi616 Haruhi616 Jun 23
My friends walk really slow so when I want to annoy them or if I'm just bored I will run I circles around them.
Oh great! Like I'm not doing that everyday ever since I watched AoU...
Lol so I'm Quicksilver from X-Men? Great! I love him! 😂😂
Haruhi616 Haruhi616 Jun 23
Other than the fact that he has blue eyes and I have brown and green eyes, yes I do
Uhh.... ya wrote a story in second person involving a story with Quicksilver, my senpai. ITS FREAKIN BETTER THEN CAPTAIN AMERICA!