Will You Be Mine?!

Will You Be Mine?!

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Eren was innocent! He had stayed out of trouble! He left Hanji alone! 

But after letting his guard down for one night.....just one, he isn't pretending to be a girl this time...

He actually is one!

What is he going to do about Levi? He started realizing maybe he had deeper feelings for the guy but now he is a girl! Is he going to act on them since he no longer has the gender barrier?! 

What about the yaoi fangirls! ;-;

This is the sequel of "Will You Marry Me?" requested by @kat9202

nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Sep 15, 2016
                              Since he's obsessed with cleanliness
                              He'd probably go with shower
                              Because baths
                              Are full of your own body filth...
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Sep 15, 2016
Levi: heY
                              Levi: YOU MAKING FUN OF ME CUZ I'M FIVE FOOT THREE
                              Eren: no I just-
                              Levi: wELl yOuR fiVE fOoT A BITCH
                              Eren: ...
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Sep 15, 2016
I'm so disappointed
                              In myself
                              For laughing at such a bad joke
JyugoEscapes JyugoEscapes Oct 15, 2016
no no he buys a pool
                              cleans it
                              pours bleach and cleaning stuff in it
                              and bathes
No_Shits_Given No_Shits_Given Nov 16, 2016
Cuz he ain't drinking milk 
                              Levi wants to be tall.....
                              He need some milk........
                              Thats so corney😂😂😂
vhionzhe vhionzhe Oct 18, 2016
Okay why is everyone loving ereri like why 
                              (It horrible i dont care if you say hey i hate you cus your more messed up if you do like ereri)