The Conglomeration Effect

The Conglomeration Effect

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Your mum. By Awonderwallofmystery Updated Apr 22, 2016

The year is 2096. The earth has seen two more world wars since 2016. The last war that destroyed a quarter of Canada and half of Japan, was enough to make the government enforce strict actions. 

Countries are now split, no communication at all between them. Humans now live in conglomerations of small pods stacked upon each other. Each person has their own space, but they're all confined to being underground. Half of the people living inside the pods have never seen natural sunlight. 

Birth rates are violently controlled due to the lack of space and pods constantly having to be built. Couples are allowed, but physical contact reaching past anything more than a hug is forbidden. Sex is strictly banned unless it is agreed by contract or an operation is done to assure a baby cannot be created. 

It's a tough life. It's a boring life. And it's a lonely one too. 

A life underground simply isn't good enough for some.

-Meme-Queen- -Meme-Queen- Nov 27, 2016
I know this might sound weird but aye, gay sex wouldn't be so I could still read my gay fanfics
iamakwardness iamakwardness Dec 26, 2016
This is why my friends never touch me. They're afraid it might kill me.... Or put ne into a panic attack. One of the two.
Charmedartist Charmedartist Dec 24, 2016
It has already been established that the Simpsons will survive the nuclear holocaust.
HuggieBearCas HuggieBearCas Dec 08, 2016
I was reading this out loud to my friend and right as I got to this sentence I sneezed and she whispered "you have found a super power, you sneeze when dan talks about masturbation"  and I laughed so hard because when he rapped it in the diss track I sneezed when he got to the masturbate part
vendettafrank vendettafrank Dec 15, 2016
This fic reminds me of that movie The city of lights?? I think
Phan_5_lyfe Phan_5_lyfe Dec 21, 2016
I'm half a foot shorter than Dan. I'm not sure if I should be proud of that because I'm barely 14 and am still getting taller