The Cover Workshop [REQUESTS CLOSED]

The Cover Workshop [REQUESTS CLOSED]

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TheLovelySardonyx: Not Accepting
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A book dedicated to creating covers for all sorts of books! Need a cover? You've come to the right place! 

For more info, please proceed to the first 2 chapters.

sugarpop94 sugarpop94 Nov 02
Do you know when requests will be closed? Because right now I'm drafting a story and I don't know if it will be finished when requests are still open, and I'm really bad at making covers.
Title: Countdown
                              Author: QueenChubbyCat
                              Topic: Horror. I hope that's what you mean
                              Preferred Style: Scenic... An Island Basically 
                              Well There Ya Go!
Title: Jana's Book of Art (3rd one)
                              Author: @CreepyJanaa- / @VanillaJana-
                              Topic: Art 
                              Preferred Style: Character/OC(s) 
                              I hope that's good enough- ovo'
ThatMuteKid ThatMuteKid Sep 10
Title: Excuse for knowledge (my art book basically)
                              Author: I guess me? Katelene-The-Ghoul
                              Topic: Art and some randomness at times
                              Preferred style-
                              Silhouettes I guess?
                              Did I do this right??? XD
Title: Book Recommends
                              Author: Toriel M
                              Topic: Book recommendations, obviously!
                              Preferred Style: Scenic
Title: You Can Call me Skull
                              Author: Just_Plain_Trash
                              Topic:Random/Rants/Quick Writes
                              Preferred Style:Scenic,I suppose? maybe A land Full of skulls.
                              welp,there Ya go!